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        Agua de Florida (Agua Florida) is a traditional Peruvian fragrant and powerful aromatic fragrance used not only by Indians in South America, but across a wide spectrum of people in much of the world. The most popular spirit water in the world. Agua de Florida is cologne according to the original recipe from 1808. It contains 20 types of essential oils (essential oils) obtained from flowers. South American shamans often ritually use this perfume much like Catholic priests use holy water.


        Known as a powerful purifier of negative energies, as well as a protector and purifier of the environment, this water is used in purification rituals. Its strong aroma refreshes your body, mind and spirit, it is also used for cleaning or preparing amulets.

        The fragrance, created by combining water, alcohol and an essence based on amber, musk and benzoin, also has citrus and floral notes.


        It is used to clean the energy body and nourish, flourish and clean the "aura" of a person, which is reflected in the psychological, physical and emotional state.

        Agua Florida is known for its protective properties. Some people use it to create an energy barrier and protect themselves from negative influences and unwanted energies. It is also used to connect with spiritual planes, sponsor meditation or raise vibrations.


        Some people use it as a simple perfume or cologne to make them feel good.
        In EU countries, it is intended only as an air freshener!