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        CBD WAX DAB 80% 1g

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        DAB or wax is one of the purest forms of CBD out there. Simply put, it is a concentrate obtained from technical hemp. It is full of terpenes and other cannabinoids in trace amounts. It does not contain any chemicals and harmful elements. Many people use CBD Dab Wax as an additive to packaged dry matter, through glass bongs designed for this purpose or in the form of inhalation.


        Our wax is 100% natural. Contains up to max. 0.2% THC and is made in the EU. Dab Wax is made from organically grown, certified hemp plants. In addition, it is completely free of harmful pesticides and other pollutants.


        • Limited edition up to 80% CBD wax.
        • It is intended for experienced collectors who appreciate the purity of the product.
        • The golden yellow pure honey mixture has beneficial effects on the body.
        • It is made from technical hemp, which we grow ourselves in Slovakia.
        • It is completely free of pesticides and substances harmful to health.
        • The product does not have narcotic or psychotropic effects.