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        Ceremonial Cacao Sacred Heart Ecuador

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        Premium Ceremonial Cocoa of the highest quality and purity

        • 100% Live (Raw) from start to finish, i.e. the temperature never exceeds 45°C.
        • The cocoa is organic (Bio) quality
        • Exceeds Fair-trade standards
        • Hand-picked, forest and alpine cocoa
        • 100% Arriba Criollo Cacao sourced from pure Ecuadorian Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao beans

        Pure Cacao has been used in ceremony for many generations. It is known as a powerful heart opener. It opens the physical heart promoting the flow of blood throughout your body. Cacao also opens the heart chakra helping to facilitate a deep emotional connection to your inner being and to those around you. Connecting your intimate relationships, and your own personal connection to your emotions. The cacao medicine can help bring a deep sense of self love and transformation through your heart chakra.


        Origin - Heirloom Criollo Arriba Nacional

        100% Arriba Cacao from pure Heirloom Ecuadorian Criollo Arriba Nacional Cacao beans - 100% CEREMONIAL QUALITY. It is a wild variety of cacao (without any contamination from the hybridized variety CCN-51). These genuine Arriba cacao trees are at least 30 years old, with some growing for over 80 years!


        Cultivation - high mountain, forest cocoa

        Cocoa is grown in high-altitude and highly mineralized soil of volcanic origin, from where it is brought down from the mountainous regions on the backs of donkeys. We guarantee the purity of our 100% Arriba Cacao by personally hand-picking cocoa pods and only if they are fully grown and ripe. The trees are nourished only by rain or deep mountain spring water.


        Ceremonial Cocoa Sacred Heart



        Cocoa is always dried in the sun, and never with gas. Cocoa remains 100% Raw from start to finish, as the temperature never exceeds 45°C. It is free of phytic acid. The cocoa is processed in a modern facility using 100% traditional craft equipment that has never seen any cocoa other than our own, thus eliminating the possibility of integration with lower quality cocoa.


        Cleanliness and quality

        Because the cocoa beans are of such pure quality, they have a complete absence of mytotoxins, molds, yeasts and fungi (which cause the jittery adrenal response similar to caffeine stimulation in many cocoa products). Instead, our cacao helps create a conscious cosmic connection and causes the pineal gland to expand (personal experience).


        Ceremonial Cocoa Sacred Heart