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        Embodiments of Master Saint Germain

        In the 11th century BC, Saint Germain was embodied as the prophet Samuel. Saint Germain was embodied as Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus and the husband of Mary.


        • In the late 3rd century, he was embodied as Saint Alban, the first martyr of Britain. Alban lived in England during the persecutions of Christians under the Roman emperor Diocletian.


        • In the 5th century, Saint Germain was embodied as Merlin, the great alchemist, prophet and counselor at the court of King Arthur.


        • As Roger Bacon (1220-1292), the beloved Saint Germain was philosopher, Franciscan monk, teacher and scientist.


        • As Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), he discovered America.


        • As Francis Bacon (1561-1626), he was philosopher, statesman, and literary master. Research demonstrates that he was the author of the Shakespeare’s plays and the son of Queen Elizabeth and Lord Leicester.


        • Desiring above all else to liberate God’s people, Saint Germain was granted a dispensation from the Lords of Karma to return to Earth in a physical body. He appeared as “le Comte de Saint Germain,” a “miraculous person” who dazzled the courts of 18th and 19th century in Europe, where he was known as the “Wonder man of Europe.”


        Excerpts from Archangel Zadkiel


        Those of you who know about the use of the Violet Flame have a special opportunity now to draw forth from your Causal Body all the knowledge you have accumulated from the past. This flame acts as does the sunshine, “impersonally” and instantly whenever and wherever it is called forth. Let that Violet Fire blaze up in, through and around your four body systems, and especially through your brain structure, commanding it to transmute the hard and unforgiving thoughts and feelings in your etheric, mental and emotional bodies. These “hard core” feelings create most of your distress.


        Let them be replaced by grateful, joyous receptive feelings which open your world to the goodness of God, and make you a mighty magnet drawing to you all the good God wants you to have, all the good you once knew. Let the feelings of gratitude to the Holy Father for these gifts so flood your world that you will be able to out picture more quickly the Divine Perfection you wish to attain. When you want the Violet Fire of freedom’s love, mercy and compassion to act in your world, start invoking it in the name and authority of your own I AM Presence. This Flame becomes more powerful each time it is called forth.


        Long ago, on Atlantis and Lemuria, we externalized a gigantic focus of this Violet Fire on each continent. Its radiating flame was seen by the physical sight for a distance of a thousand miles in all directions. It is our earnest intention to recreate these wonders in the era of the Seventh Golden Age.


        Lovely ones, the Violet Flame is absolutely real. This flame is your freedom as it blazes in, through and around you. Invoke it daily and let go of emotional, mental, etheric and physical chaos. Accept the divine justice which is the heritage of your being, to become a God and Goddess on this Earth, and then achieve the full glory of Ascended Master status.


        Special Mention for Omri Tas


        Let us mention Omri Tas, the ruler of the Violet Flame, where the Seventh Ray Violet Flame is generated from this Universe. Omri Tas has his etheric retreat at Shamballa that is over the Gobi desert.


        Omri Tas presides over the Violet Planet, a world in another galaxy and dimension to our own. On this Violet Planet all negativity is transmuted by the power of the Violet flame. He wishes to see the Earth restored to a planet of peace and harmony as per the Divine Universal plan.


        Let us acknowledge his Presence and his perpetual service to this Sacred Flame. He is also available to assist us in the correct use of the Violet Flame of Transmutation when we include his presence in our invocations and prayers.


        The Seventh Ray - The Violet Flame of Transmutation


        Main God qualities and actions of the Violet Flame:

        Freedom, Transmutation, Transformation, Diplomacy, Ceremony and Application of the Science of true Alchemy


        Day when is amplified: Saturday


        Corresponding Chakra: Seat of the Soul Colour: Violet


        Corresponding Stones: Amethyst, Violet Fluorite


        Chohan of the Seventh Ray


        Master Saint Germain, also known as the God of Freedom


        His Retreat: Transylvania, Romania and the Great Violet Flame Temple, Jackson Peak, Wyoming, USA.


        Archangels of the Seventh Ray with Divine Complement: Zadkiel and Amethyst


        Their Retreats: Over the Island of Cuba


        Elohim of the Seventh Ray with Divine Complement: Arcturus and Victoria


        Their Retreat: Near Luanda, Angola, Africa


        From The Book “The Seven Sacred Flames” By Aurelia Louis Jones.

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        Embodiments of Master Saint Germain

        In the 11th century BC, Saint Germain was embodied as the prophet Samuel. Saint Germain was embodied as Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus and the husband of Mary.


        • In the late 3rd century, he ...

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