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        Hemp Balm Universal CBD & CBG 333mg EU

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        Weight: 70 g

        Volume 50 ml

        Content 333 mg

        Info no THC

        Universal hemp balm for daily use with both cannabinoids, beeswax, coconut oil, hemp oil and vitamin E will ensure excellent functionality, effectiveness and softness for your skin. It is also excellent for massages and after sports.


        What exactly is the composition of the balm?

        Shea butter unrefined BIO nature, beeswax, coconut oil, hemp oil, vitamin E, 222mg CBG, 111mg CBD, no THC. Non fullspectrum product.

        What can the balm be used for?

        • for muscle and joint pain, suppression of spasms, varicose veins
        • for burns, bruises, various cosmetic and skin problems
        • for eczema, acne, herpes, psoriasis
        • supports the healing processes of the skin and reduces pain
        • for the regeneration of several types of problems (renewal, revival)
        • skin regeneration after tanning
        • reduces skin redness
        • leaves the skin flexible and supple
        • provides the necessary hydration and nutrition

        Why shop at LaHerba?

        • you support domestic European production
        • you will receive a high-quality, verified and certified product
        • you pay a fair price for the products
        • you will receive more information about CBD and CBG with your order
        • when you order 2 pieces and we will pack the third one for free

        Is this hemp balm suitable for me?

        CBG and CBD, which are included in our topical balms, have served people for thousands of years and are still used by millions of people around the world today. Regardless of age or activity level, we can all benefit from regular use of cannabinoids, which are very beneficial to us.


        How to use the balm?

        Apply the balm on the skin and leave it on during the day or even at night. It is also suitable for use 2-3 times a day. Massage into the problem area on the body. Always use on clean and dry skin.



        "Healing Power of Hemp"

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