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        Tepí Waxed Line Bamboo Aya Brown

        75.00 €

        Tepi long 28 cm
        mouth size 1,6 cm
        nostril size 0.7 cm

        A very practical nicely made tepi. It has a nice scaling from the mouth piece in three steps to the end that gives it a clean powerful blow. It is made from bamboo and resin, decorated with seeds and stones, and wrapped around the middle with wax string. On the ends it has some pyrography in indigenous motifs.


        This model was made by our handicrafts experts at the Tete Pawã arts and crafts studio. They are located in the upper Juruá region of Marechal Thaumaturgo municipality, way up on the Amazon. The only way to get there is a two day boat journey or with a four seater airplane. They have been our close partners since 2014, always delivering state of the art handicrafts and their excellent Kuntanawa Rapés.