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        Discover Your Life Path Number and Glimpse into Your Destiny

        The essence of your life can be understood by calculating a single number – your Life Path Number. This number is linked with other numerological cycles of your life and everything that should be considered when exploring your numerological influences. Knowing your Life Path Number can reveal three important aspects of your life:

        1. The purpose of your life. It won’t tell you your profession, but rather the direction you should dedicate yourself to. Are you here to help others, or should you focus on your own growth?
        2. Your energetic personality and tendencies. Who are you in this life? A diligent student of life or an adventurer unbound by convention?
        3. The challenges and obstacles you must overcome. Do you struggle more with money, career, or relationships?

        How to Calculate Your Life Path Number Calculating your Life Path Number is simple. Just add up the individual digits of your full birth date: day, month, and year. For example, let’s take the birth date of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. He was born on July 10, 1856. To calculate his Life Path Number, you would add 1+0+7+1+8+5+6=28 When you get a two-digit number, add those digits together again. 2+8=10, and finally 1+0=1. Exceptions are the numbers 11, 22, and 33, which have special meanings.


        Tesla’s Life Path Number was 1. People with Life Path Number 1 are leaders in their fields. They dedicate their lives to their work and mission. Other notable figures with this number include Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King Jr., and many others. Are you also a leader, or do you have a different role in this life? Your Life Path Number will tell you.

        Life Path 1 – Leader

        If your Life Path Number is one, you are meant to be a leader, innovator, independent, and original creator. This number gives you confidence, energy, and determination to fulfill your life mission. If you are not in alignment with your life’s purpose and higher self, the number one can make you either dominant and narcissistic or, conversely, insecure and feeling like a victim. If you experience one of these extremes, you need to return to your true self and main mission in life. The key to success for Life Path one is to find what you are passionate about and authentically express it in every area of your life.


        Life Path 2 – Mediator


        The purpose of Life Path Number two is to find balance and harmony in everything you do. People on this path are good diplomats and supporters of big projects. It makes you patient, detail-oriented, and very intuitive – you can sense what others might need help with, or how to find a middle ground between two ideas or two individuals with differing opinions. When out of alignment, you may feel regret for not being the leader and act childishly or manipulate those you are supposed to help. It can also make you egocentric and overly dependent on others. The key to this path is to find work in a group environment where you feel welcomed and needed.


        Life Path 3 – Communicator


        Life Path Number three grants you creativity, optimism, and intelligence for self-expression. You are in tune with your emotions and mostly experience joy.

        Number threes are great artists, writers, and actors. If your Life Path is three and it’s out of alignment, you might become either emotionally unstable, fearful, and inappropriate in some situations, or dishonest and superficial. Your task in this life is to commit to developing and utilizing your creative gifts while shedding all fears – and making a living with your talents.


        Life Path 4 – Teacher


        If your Life Path represents the number Four, your mission is to be a trustworthy, reliable, and balanced individual from whom others can learn and rely upon. People need someone to turn to when they are confused by life or when times are tough. You are that person. A Four out of alignment can become authoritarian and rigid, as well as careless and disorganized. Fours are many bad bosses and managers. To succeed as a Four, you should choose a profession for which you feel true passion, not just one that pays well. By dedicating your life to your work in this way, you will be a great teacher to others.


        life path numbers


        Life Path 5 – Freedom Seeker


        Fives are true adventurers. If you are a Five, you likely enjoy seeking excitement and endless travel. You are very independent and fearless. A person with Life Path Number Five out of alignment may act restlessly and emotionally, possibly even eccentrically and to everyone’s dismay. The task of a Five is straightforward – to explore as much of what life has to offer, travel the world, and experience adventures that others only dream of.


        Life Path 6 – Caregiver


        Sixes are family-oriented, caring, and kind individuals who are very devoted to their loved ones. As a Six, you can be helpful to your family, community, or those in need. At the same time, Sixes dislike working for others, so you might want to start your own business and be able to help on your own terms. When out of alignment, you might start to feel superior and want to meddle in other people’s matters. The key to the Life Path Number Six is to stick to your vision of helping the world but relinquish the need to control every detail of it.


        Life Path 7 – Seeker


        The task of Life Path Number Seven is to develop spirituality and intuition as well as an analytical mindset. These are balanced and focused individuals, bringing harmony to the ways of thinking of both the left and right sides of the brain.


        If as a Seven you are out of alignment, you might become pessimistic and mistrustful, or stuck in your own head and easily lose the sense of life. Your mission in this life is to engage your intellectual side and intuitive gifts in your profession and personal life.


        Life Path 8 – Person with Great Energy


        If your Life Path Number is Eight, your task is to create a healthy relationship with authority, power, and money – and to use it as an example for the rest of the world. It’s a path of material success but utilized in a positive way. This three-dimensional world couldn’t function without it. When out of alignment, your ego might start to dominate, and you could become a bully or a powerless victim. The key to overcoming these obstacles and achieving success is to accept your greatness and welcome financial success. You can do a lot of good with it.

        Life Path 9 – Philanthropist

        If you are Life Path Number Nine, your task is to develop your spiritual gifts and use them in benevolent ways, or to use your talents to help as many people as possible. You are wise and creative with great integrity, and your generosity and kindness are magnets for others. When not in alignment, Nines will experience a sense of emotional distance from others and regret towards those who don’t appreciate their help. A Nine in alignment helps and loves unconditionally and without expecting any reward. The key to Nine’s success is finding a balance between your giving and your creative needs.


        Master Life Path Numbers: 11, 22, and 33

        Those with a master Life Path: 

        Number 11 carries the energy of Number Two and additional influences. An Eleven is a spiritual catalyst. Your mission is highly connected to a higher spiritual purpose. When in alignment, you are a spiritually gifted master; when not, you become a sullen, wounded healer. The key to this life path is mastering your entire life. What that means is different for everyone. What does it mean for you? You’ll know when it feels right.

        Number 22 draws energy from Number Four but is also a master teacher. You are here to help others build their lives to their fullest potential – both long-term and on a daily basis. When out of alignment, you might become lazy and irresponsible, or overly controlling and directive. The key to this life path is to keep the big picture in mind and build something that makes a real change in many people’s lives for many years to come.

        Number 33 is the master path of Number Six – the Enlightened Caregiver. You are here to use your caregiving abilities to make others’ lives more joyful and meaningful. When not in alignment, Thirty-Three can become dependent on things and have self-destructive tendencies, living for others and thus neglecting to care for their inner world. The key to success for Number Thirty-Three is to become a compassionate healer and an inspiration to others.


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        Discover Your Life Path Number and Glimpse into Your Destiny

        The essence of your life can be understood by calculating a single number – your Life Path Number. This number is linked with other numerological cycles of your life and everything that should be c...