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        Rapé CUMARU

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        It is very grounded and has the ability to put the user into deep trance states.
        Focus mind, expand awareness.

        Cumaru is a protective rapé and is produced by several tribes in the Acre region of Brazil. It contains ash from the bark of the Cumaru or Brazilian teak tree, which is a protective and healing tree. It is one of the largest trees in South America, it grows up to 40-50 m and we call the fruits tonka. Cumaru has a strong connection to the earth and has the ability to put you into a deep trance. It has a specific smell and taste that you will be able to distinguish from other rapés. When necessary, it can be done even with a really big force.



        • activates the first chakra
        • it also works with the sixth and seventh chakras
        • relaxes and calms thoughts
        • opens physical perception


        It is strong, intense and extremely grounding Rapé - in some cases it can cause deep nausea and detoxification of the body. Intention and a conscious approach play a very important role in working with this "medicine" through which we are connected to the spirit of Cumaru. The Huni Kuin Indians believe that the power of the spirit of the Cumaru tree is transferred through the ashes to Rapé and tobacco. They also call this Rapé "Black Rapé" because according to their tradition it can protect against low energies and entities. 


        cumaru tree grid


        The Indians see the Cumaru tree and its spirit as one of the main teachers of the forest. They also call it "the tree that cannot be killed". The spirit of this tree is very strong - we can also know its strength by the fact that it is one of the tallest trees in the forest.



        This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is supplied without express or implied fitness for a particular purpose. Use and enjoyment of this product is at the discretion, responsibility and risk of the customer. The information provided is purely for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as recommendations for specific use.