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        Rapé YAWANAWA Forca Femina

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        This hapé is the "Força Feminina", feminine strength,  from the ashes of the Mulungu tree and very strong Mói tobacco. This medicine comes from the Yawanawá ethnic group and brings great cleaning, healing and protection power.


        Força Feminina, the Feminine Force

        We started working with Nawashahu many years ago after her father Chief Nixiwaka or Biraci Brasil suggested to buy some Snuff from her and her sisters. This was the first female Rapé we bought from the tribes. For that reason we gave it the name Força Feminina, to respect its origin and respect the Force if the indigenous women.

        The recipe of Força Feminina is the basic Yawanawá. Made with a good strong tobacco blended with original Tsunu ashes. Feminine Force is a powerful snuff, one of our favorites! It is a Sacred Snuff loved many, men and women alike.

        Yawanawa rapé is one of the most popular, known and famous Rapé due to the increasing production of this medicine, and sharing through international meetings over the Yawanawa territory, and spiritual & medicine retreats realized in other countries.

        Haux! Haux!


        Mulungu tree


        (Erythrina mulungu) Mulungu is an iconic Brazilian tree, famous for its orange beauty and uses in traditional Brazilian herbal medicine. It has gained popularity online for its effects as a natural herbal sleep aid and anti-anxiety herb when consumed as a tea or tincture. In Brazil it is a common consumer herbal product, and is now gaining popularity online and around the world as a Nootropic. Mulungu plants are legal all over the world, with one exception. Erythrina plants are prohibited in Louisiana, USA when they are used for any non-ornamental purpose.


        This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is supplied without express or implied fitness for a particular purpose. It is simply a crude botanical specimen or a scientific specimen. The information provided is purely for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as recommendations for specific use. The use and use of this product is at the discretion, responsibility and risk of the customer. Disclaimer.