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        Tepí - applicator for Rapé, one person to another

        The Tepi is an applicator that must be blown by another person, normally a shaman or the person conducting a ceremonial. This Tepí's are handmade in Brazil and preserve all the wisdom and ancestral tradition. Each piece is unique and has a connection with the beings of the forest, invoking the energies of wisdom and power inherited from their elders.


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        Within the indigenous tradition, the hapé is not “inhaled”. It is always blown.

        Blown into the nostrils by a shaman or another person or by yourself provokes a strong reaction in the inexperienced ones. Its effect is fast and afterwards the person feels a great sense of well-being and disposition, not to mention the cleaning of the airways that it provides.


        For blowing, there are several breath intensities and styles to choose from.

        The beija flor (hummingbird) and jiboiá (the boa constrictor) are the most prevalent blows.

        The beija flower has a short and rapid blow, but the jiboia has a long and leisurely blow. The beija flor is a more upbeat tune that will wake you up. The Jiboia begins gently and gradually acquires power toward the conclusion. Smaller quantities are peaceful and contemplative; larger amounts gradually sneak up on you and acquire power at the end.

        Finish the blow by putting the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This effectively concludes the application.

        TIP: You can simply training your blow with the Tepi (without Hapé) to improve your technique.


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