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        Cocoa Criollo - 100% cocoa mass including cocoa butter, unroasted, non-alkalized, processed at low temperatures to retain as many nutrients as possible. It is not so easy to buy in pure quality, because farmers usually add a proportion of beans of the Trinitario variety, which has a higher yield. This Criollo cocoa is not so dark because it is not processed at high temperatures so as not to lose its natural aroma and taste.


        Our favorite preparation method (for strong/up to ceremonial cocoa)

        Bring 1 liter of water, 45-50g of cocoa mass, 2 cloves and a little 100% cinnamon, sugar/honey to taste to a boil and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes.

        You can also add milk and cook for a while longer.

        Everyone is comfortable with a different preparation and a different amount - try it.

        Very suitable for cocoa ceremonies and for making homemade chocolate, for baking, toppings, you can grate it into muesli, etc.

        However, you can't just pour boiling water over it, it has to really boil, otherwise it won't come together and pieces will float on the surface.


        We bought the beans from the farmer Señor Felipe, had them processed in his small factory and hand-made cocoa tables. Criollo cacao is the original low-fruiting variety, but very aromatic. In Peru, there are only a few farmers who grow Cacao Criollo, precisely because of its small yield. We buy Criolla beans from small farmers near Pucallpa, where cacao grows well. Boby comes from a small plantation. The paste is not free of cocoa butter, so please don't be afraid of "greasy eyes" on the drink.


        The tree of this variety bears the best quality fruit, but is less fertile and represents a small share of world production. It is recognized by its round and slightly flat seeds, which are slightly purple and white in color without fermentation. It is a cocoa with a fruity aroma with hints of nuts and a slight bitterness, but refined. It is used for the highest quality chocolates. Some of the best chocolates and other gourmet products are made with this variety.


        Fat is drawn on the surface of the table, so the color change is not a problem. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.


        NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100g:

        energy value 628.8 kcal
        carbohydrates 11.85 g
        of which sugars 1.54 g
        fat 55.37 g
        of which saturated fatty acids 28.745 g
        protein 13.29 g
        fiber 14.94 g
        sodium 7.9 mg/kg