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        Rapé CANELA DE VELHO

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        Free your mind, ease pain, promote health.
        Works nicely with Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra.

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        Weight: 7 g

        Tribe: HUNI KUIN

        Made: December

        Canela de Velho Rapé is a basic grounding rapé that is commonly used. It brings depth and strong grounding and its strength is medium. It performs a deep cleansing on the physical and energetic planes. Prayer and intention should play an important role when working with this Rapé.


        Canela de Velho is a very powerful and unique blend from the experienced shamanic medicine makers of the Huni Kuin tribe. This aromatic blend provides an unforgettable experience not only in terms of aroma. It also has amazing properties that support users during meditation and contemplation. The blend has been carefully handcrafted to support its amazing properties. As a result, this Rapé creates a deep, intense and extremely powerful spiritual experience. In most cases, it supports users with an overwhelming grounding.


        Meditating with Canelo do Velho requires a little extra time to focus and work. People who celebrate this medicine should feel comfortable and have enough time to quietly enjoy the whole process. Administering different doses will allow you to explore the different properties associated with healing and cleansing. It is recommended to start with smaller doses as we work our way up to more intense experiences. This Rapé is excellent for all experienced enthusiasts and can be considered one of the strongest blends.

        Haux Haux!


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