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        Rapé JUREMA BRANCA

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        Very good for focusing and creativity.
        Enhance visions, lucid dreaming, connect spirit.

        The JUREMA snuff (Mimosa hostilis) is the spirit of the Jurema is definitely present in this mixture, it has a very flying but uplifting effect. Jurema is a plant of truly amazing power. Their snuff is considered the strongest in our drug store. It is used by the natives of Pernambuco, a Fulni-o indigenous tribe. They have been working with jurema tea and seu snuff for many miles of years. 


        It works as a high-energy cleaner, clears thinking, vision and sensitises hearing. It helps in clairvoyance, connection to the spiritual realms, and cleansing of the mind. The indigenous of Brazil use it to invoke the enchanted beings of the forest. Jurema gives us the opportunity to be more who we are and help strengthen our communication and harmony with the spirits of nature and mother Tiera.


        It has been observed in people who take this snuff in the ceremony of ayahuasca medicine, it brings us a great cleaning and harmonious growth of the auric field. It also offers the power to listen with attention and care to our own feelings and those of our brothers. This is special of the spirit of jurema in tea or in snuff.


        Mimosa Hostilis



        This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is supplied without express or implied fitness for a particular purpose. Use and enjoyment of this product is at the discretion, responsibility and risk of the customer. The information provided is purely for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as recommendations for specific use. Disclaimer.