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        Rapeh (Rapé) sacred medicine from Brasil

        Rapeh or Rapé, Hapeh, Hapé, a legal and sacred shamanic medicine from the Amazon, pronounced "ha-peh" in English, is a fine powder prepared from Mapacho tobacco and a mixture of herbs, seeds, and ash from tree branches and bark. They are very rare, sacred, miraculous, deeply healing and cleansing medicine. It is produced through a very sacred and at the same time physically demanding process.


        Rapé has healing and ritual effects when blown.

        Traditional Rapé has been used by indigenous groups in South America for thousands of years. Unlike other substances that produce hallucinogenic effects that alter the senses and consciousness, it is an entheogen, a term used to describe substances with symbolic and cultural aspects.

        As an entheogen, Rapé evokes feelings of lightness, energization and spiritual cleansing when used. It can cause reactions like extreme sweating, vomiting, and weakness just because it does this deep cleansing.
        The substance is considered a sacred medicine and when used properly and under guidance is non-addictive and can aid in the treatment of ailments such as sinusitis as well as spiritual healing.

        The indigenous people believe that the preparation of Rapé must have a purpose and allow shamans and shaman apprentices to do hapé simply because they are trusted members of the tribe.

        The effects of medicine can be good, such as healing and well-being, or negative, such as illness and even spiritual harm, depending on the intention of the people applying and receiving the Rapé. In other words, the Rapé ritual is an act of bravery and trust between the Rapé server and everyone else involved.


        Rapeh medicines with nice wood Tepi

        Effects (benefits) of using Rapé


        It is precisely because of its beneficial effects on the mind and the treatment of diseases that the use of Rapé is gaining worldwide popularity. Here are some of the main benefits of Rapé medicine:

        • calming effect and allows you to control your emotions for a longer period of time.
        • Its properties have the ability to sharpen the mind as well as help with concentration.
        • It can be used to treat chronic conditions such as sinusitis and migraine
        • as well as for detoxification and cleansing of the energy fields of mind and body.
        • It is an ally in the treatment of mental illness and some addictions to controlled drugs;
        • It helps in the fight against respiratory diseases and colds, because it cleans the air between the lungs, trachea, nasal cavities, pharynx, mouth, larynx, bronchi, removes bacteria and phlegm, known as phlegm.


        Rapé sacred medicines how to use

        How is Rapeh used?


        In indigenous tribes, there is a hierarchy and only a shaman (in the Tupi language: Pajé), a shaman's apprentice or someone trusted by the tribe can prepare Rapé because there is a technique that must be followed.
        After preparation, Rapé becomes a powder that is blown first through one and then the other nostril, it is recommended to always blow through one nostril so that the user creates a connection that allows the substances to work.

        Two tools can be used to properly blow Rapé: the tool known as Tepi (Tipí), a type of pipe with a long handle, or the Kuripe, a self-application tool.
        When blowing rapeseed, the substance found in the bark of trees, herbs and other plants is inhaled, which automatically enters the respiratory tract. Hapé clears the airways as it passes through them, and when it reaches the brain, it causes a sense of well-being as well as an expansion of consciousness and senses.

        When blowing rapeseed, smoke is produced that spreads throughout the environment. It is critical for the Rapé to fulfill its healing and ritual functions so that the user's thoughts are in sync. In some rituals, the Tepi is passed between people, so it is worth emphasizing that everyone is subject to the same effects, because when the Tepi is passed, there is also an exchange of energies.


        LaHerba Rapeh

        Sacred Blend Rapé


        Our Rapé (pronounced Hah-peh) is made with a combination of natural or organic ground tobacco and ash from sacred trees with healing properties. You can buy here 100% natural and high-quality Amazonian shaman rapé.
        The healing properties of Rapé make it useful in treating diseases of the physical body. Each of them has its own healing properties.

        Our Rapé is produced with great respect for the original peoples, the pioneers of this knowledge, our production is based on empirical knowledge with medicine, modern phytotherapy, botany, ethnobotany, the teachings of the original tribes of the Amazon, contemporary producers, shamans and others. experienced receivers, bringing all our devotion, intentions of love and faith.

        It goes through a sifting process to make it extra fine to look like talcum powder, making it easier for Rapé to be absorbed into the body, spread and spread more effectively.

        Its spiritual and sacred part of the connection is very intense, with the intent of the Rapé spirit to identify the needs of the body and spirit.
        Rapé helps to strengthen the power of Ayahuasca and also for spiritual cleansing.


        For us, it is very important that a person is ready to receive the spirit of the forest through Rapé. It is necessary to have a "clean" body, a favorable environment and especially a high intention to sanctify this sacred medicine.

        The person who will apply it also requires preparation, concentration, purpose, faith and breathing technique. This way you get the most out of the medicine.

        Traditionally, there is a belief among the tribes that Rapé promotes the release of diseases from the physical, mental, emotionalhim and the spiritual body. Additionally, it is believed to help open the third eye, decalcify the pineal gland, and clear mental fog and confusion.

        Rapé also facilitates the opening and clearing of the chakras, leading to a sense of grounding and connection to the Earth, breaking us out of negative thought patterns, connecting us to our breath and thus expanding our connection to Spirit.


        Haux, Haux!


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