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        Use and dosage of cannabinoids

        We should pay close attention to the method of use and the dose of CBD?


        We know that the use of cannabinoids is beneficial for our body. You can read more about the beneficial effects and benefits of the cannabinoid CBD here. You can get acquainted with the lesser-known but highly recommended cannabinoid CBG in this article of ours. Today we will look at how to properly dose cannabinoids used in the form of oil in order to achieve the best possible effects and thus results for our health.



        How to take cannabinoids?


        Currently, the most common way is to use oils/drops containing cannabinoids CBD and CBG, or CBN, CBC. These phytocannabinoids are most often dissolved in MCT corn oil and hemp oil, you will also find pumpkin, olive or argan oil. Their taste is pleasant, mild and it is not a problem to apply it several times a day.


        The recommended way to use the oils is: administer at least 30 minutes before a meal, drop the oil under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow. Ideally, after that, do not eat for 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness. You can divide the daily dose into 1-3 times, it is most suitable to take it in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.


        Another way is the use of capsules and capsules, which suits people because of their practicality and habit of taking the pill form. For others, it may be suitable to take cannabinoids in the form of vaporization, vape pen, smoking flowers-cones, joints, hemp pollen, or balms, ointments, creams suitable for external use.



        What is the best way to dose cannabinoids?


        "It all depends on the dosage."

        Paracelsus, a 16th century Swiss physician and chemist.


        The most effective form of cannabinoid use is considered to be vaporization pens, followed by CBD drops. Although some manufacturers list recommended daily doses, the truth is that it is not possible to define a universal dose for everyone. It is also true that the ideal dosage of CBD will likely change throughout your life.


        Finding the right dose of CBD oil for a specific user is not easy, even for experts, because many different factors play an important role in how CBD will affect the patient:


        • A disease or medical condition
        • Stage or intensity of the disease
        • The patient's biology and metabolism and their response to CBD
        • The user's endocannabinoid system, its functioning and adaptation to CBD
        • during and during treatment
        • Body weight
        • The patient's sensitivity to cannabis
        • Medicines, diet
        • The ratio of the active substance (CBD) of a particular product
        • Bioavailability according to the form of the CBD product
        • Previous experience with CBD products


        If you suffer from a serious illness, it is important to consult with your doctor whether the use of cannabinoids is suitable and safe for you.

        Everyone is responsible for their health and the decisions related to it, and therefore we do not take any responsibility for this information and recommendations.


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        Dosage tip

        When it comes to dosing, the rule of thumb is less is more, especially when it comes to beginners. Our first tip is to start with a titration, this is the best way to start dosing CBD. This means that you start with a low dose and gradually increase the dose over time until you get the desired effect. This cautious approach is now recommended by many experts.



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        Dose of CBD, ranges


        The dosage of cannabinoids can be divided into 3 basic ranges, which are effective in different diseases. These three ranges, combined with the user's body weight, will determine the recommended starting dose:


        • Microdosing
        • Standard doses
        • Macro doses

        1. Microdosing


        Intake of small amounts of cannabinoids ranging from 1-20 mg per day.

        They can be effective for sleep problems, headaches, mood disorders, nausea, PTDS, stress, and metabolic disorders.



        50 kg – the lowest dose is 1.1 mg per day, the highest possible dose is 11 mg per day

        65 kg – lowest dose 1.5 mg per day, highest possible dose 14.1 mg per day

        80 kg – lowest dose 1.6 mg per day, highest possible dose 17.8 mg per day



        2. Standard doses


        They have an amount of active substance ranging from 20-80 mg per day.

        Standard doses have been shown to be effective for pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, arthritis, some mental disorders, multiple sclerosis, autism, and weight loss.



        50 kg – the lowest dose is 16.5 mg per day, the highest possible dose is 55 mg per day

        65 kg – lowest dose 21.1 mg per day, highest possible dose 70.1 mg per day

        80 kg – lowest dose 26.8 mg per day, highest possible dose 80.8 mg per day



        3. Macro doses (therapeutic doses)


        They contain a large amount of active substance from 80-900 mg per day.

        Such high doses are often used in life-threatening conditions and the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, seizure disorders, liver diseases, ...



        50 kg – lowest dose 82.5 mg per day, highest possible dose 550 mg per day

        65 kg – lowest dose 105.1 mg per day, highest possible dose 700.1 mg


        80 kg – lowest dose 134.8 mg per day, highest possible dose 898 mg per day


        Even before you start taking CBD products, it is important to decide which of the above dosages you will opt for. This is also another tip for easier use of cannabinoids. You can divide the intake according to your needs into one, two or up to three doses per day. If you take three doses a day, use one third of the recommended amount in one dose. It is recommended to observe an interval of 7 to 8 hours between individual doses.



        Examples of CBD dosage for a person weighing 80 kilograms

        • To strengthen resistance and balance: 15-50 mg
        • Insomnia: 20-70 mg
        • Anxiety: 20-50 mg
        • Parkinson's disease: 55-160 mg
        • Arthritis: 20-60 mg
        • Chronic pain: 20 - 65mg
        • Migraine: 15-50 mg
        • High blood pressure: 20-70 mg


        If you know English, you can also use this online calculator to calculate the appropriate dose.



        How to take CBD/CBG drops correctly?


        Administer the drops at any time during the day at least 30 minutes before meals. Drop CBD oil under the tongue, wait min. 60-90 seconds. Then swallow so that the active substance is absorbed. From there it travels into the bloodstream. You can divide it into 1-3 times a day, we found it best to take it before bed. The "recommended" daily dose may vary depending on the type of disease, weight and sensitivity of the person.



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        Overdose or addiction?


        You don't have to worry about CBD

        Cannabinoids are considered safe for human consumption without any signs of toxicity, up to 1500 mg per day. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that CBD is not addictive and overall there is no evidence of a negative impact on public health.


        Observing your body can tell you a lot


        • When adjusting the dosage, maintain the recommended dosage for 2 to 4 days, and then you can increase the dosage.
        • When taking cannabinoids, it is important to monitor how your body reacts to them, pay attention to how you feel, what your mood is. If you experience something unpleasant or negative, cut the dose in half, take it for 2 to 4 days and then increase it.
        • You can adjust the dosage up or down whenever your body or intuition tells you it's time for a change.
        • There is no one dose that works for everyone.
        • Consult your doctor and listen carefully to what he recommends. Discuss the information you have about CBD products, your needs and preferences.

        This important decision should be the result of your cooperation.


        Ways to use CBD

        CBD oils (tinctures, extracts) – the most commonly used method of CBD application. It usually comes with a dropper, with which you apply the desired dose under the tongue. It is recommended to leave it on for at least 40 seconds, then swallow it. You will notice the effects in about 20-30 minutes. Duration of action is approximately 2-4 hours.

        CBD flowers (CBD extracts and hashish) – this method does not provide as precise a dosage as cannabidiol oil, so it is more suitable for more experienced users. You can use standard burning, but the method of vaporizing CBD is very popular, in which there is no release of carcinogenic substances like in the conventional method. Vaporization works on the principle of evaporation, whereby all substances are preserved. CBD effects can thus be enhanced by other compounds, such as terpenes, etc. The effects occur within a few minutes at the latest and the duration of action is 30-60 minutes.

        CBD capsules – this is the least noticeable method of application. CBD capsules contain CBD oil and you can swallow and drink them like regular tablets or medicine. Absorption takes place exclusively through the digestive tract, so the onset of effects is extended to approx. 60 minutes. The duration of action of CBD capsules lasts around 4-6 hours. Compared to CBD oil, slightly less effective CBD gets into the blood, precisely because of the passage through the digestive system.

        Edibles with CBD - manufacturers let their imaginations run wild and come up with all kinds of CBD food and snacks, such as CBD gummies, CBD protein bars, etc. The effects come after about 60 minutes. Duration of action is approx. 4-6 hours. For patients with more serious health problems, another method (e.g. CBD oil) is recommended due to the poorer bioavailability of CBD edibles – less CBD enters the bloodstream because it has to pass through the digestive tract.
        CBD products for local use – this group includes CBD ointments, creams, gels, lotions, serums and others. A big advantage is the use on a specific affected area. On the other hand, it won't solve more serious problems, which is why users often combine it with CBD oil or CBD hemp.



        You can try CBD in the form of a vaporizer in our store, or hemp pollen or hemp ointment. We wish you pleasant use and the best experiences :) For more information on products, use and dosage, you can send us an email, text message or call us.


        Let the "healing power of nature" accompany you ♡




        Book Healing with hemp and the use of CBD for medical purposes (Leonard Leinow and Juliana Birnbaumova), Príroda publishing house.




        The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. None of the information presented here is intended as a substitute for a medical diagnosis and such information cannot be considered medical advice or recommended treatment. This website does not support, approve or advocate the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

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