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        Green barley - Superfood or food of the future

        Superfood or food of the future - You will also encounter this attribute with green barley. The truth is that it is nothing new. People recognized the effects of green barley a long time ago. Today they just got a new and more comfortable form for us.


        What is green barley?


        It is a type of green grass, a young shoot from which the juice is able to supply the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the most unnatural form, i.e. purely natural. These young shoots contain a complete supply of important nutrients. Thanks to this, they are able to support the functioning of all natural processes in the human organism. In addition, every organism is a little different, and therefore what works almost immediately with an incredible effect on someone, may have a completely different course on another, to the point that it may seem that it has no effect. Which is actually not the case.


        We live in a time that we could safely say - "superfood" It is in fashion to eat and enjoy as many healthy, ideally fresh RAW foods as possible, various shakes or smoothies or diets. Green barley is very popularly added to them due to its detoxifying abilities and beneficial effects on the body. Abroad, this fashion started fifteen to twenty years ago. She came to us only recently. However, it is true that it is a real vitamin bomb. It contains everything our body needs to function. Of course, it is important that the barley is grown correctly. It must be on healthy soil, in healthy conditions with enough nutrients.


        In a higher proportion, you will find beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, but also C, E, vitamin H, nicotinic, folic and pantothenic acid. There are also enough enzymes, minerals and amino acids in barley. At the same time, it is only a natural resource - a young shoot, a stalk of grass with such incredible power.


        barley green powder


        Green blood


        A fine powder made from barley shoots is sold under the name young or green barley. In principle, however, there are three forms on offer - powder, tablets and lozenges.


        powder - dried pressed juice - is pressed from shoots of young green barley (the best quality dried juice comes from the USA - Utah)
        "crushed grass" mowed young shoots of green barley, subsequently dried and crushed into powder (they have a high fiber content, may cause digestive problems in some people)
        barley mixed with other natural substances (e.g. golden yacca plus and similar)

        We recommend barley among the so-called green foods. These foods have grown directly in nature and humans should not interfere with them at all. If they are taken preventively or as a medicine, there is usually no risk of overdose. Since we are talking about green foods, their significant plus is the content of chlorophyll, which is also called green blood. Also because they help with wound healing.


        Chlorophyll is capable of eliminating a lot of free radicals, removes fatty deposits from blood vessels, improves allergic conditions, digestion and the overall condition of the intestinal microflora. Among its pleasant "side" effects is a reduced appetite for sweets. Green drinks are made from green foods, which we usually call green juices. In this way, receiving young barley is much easier. Their advantage is the fact that they are alkaline, that is, they reduce the overacidity of the body.


        However, the beneficial effect of green barley has been noted for a wide range of diseases and problems. Let's randomly name, for example, allergies, rheumatic diseases, Lyme disease, fatigue and exhaustion, psychological problems, headaches, the whole spectrum of digestive problems and diseases, musculoskeletal problems, skin diseases, reduced immunity, respiratory tract infections, gynecological and climacteric problems, gout, inflammations urinary tract problems, prostate problems, diabetes, overweight, cardiovascular disease, cancer, vision problems, multiple sclerosis or poor liver function.



        Cleaning is not pleasant

        We include young barley among food supplements. So, if we want to use it, we have to buy it. Initiates say that if we really want to feel the cleansing and healing effects of young barley, we should use it for at least three months. Recommended daily allowances vary. However, common sense must be used. First of all, green barley has detoxifying effects - it helps the body get rid of everything that does not belong to it. This also applies to excess fat cells. However, the detoxification process may not be pleasant at all - it can be accompanied by headaches, diarrhea, flatulence, fatigue, sweating, worsening of eczema and skin problems, etc. Detoxification is an exhausting process for the body, although the end result is very useful. If you start drinking the green barley drink according to the recommended doses, reduce the dose if the symptoms are too pronounced. Adjust the further dosage yourself - but be sure not to forget the drinking regime. Nothing can replace water.

        You don't have to take green barley all the time - for a healthy person, one three-month course per year should be enough for detoxification, ideally in the spring. In case of problems with immunity, it is recommended to repeat it also in autumn. You will increase the chance that during the drought you will avoid frequent colds or flu in bad weather. If you are already "schooled" the course will be much milder and the recovery will be shorter. However, if you suffer from any disease, it is advisable to take barley for a longer period of time.


        How to take green barley?


        It is best absorbed on an empty stomach, it is ideal to drink it first thing in the morning, when it will give the body the same energy as a cup of coffee. Mix 1 teaspoon of fine powder in water, be careful not to let it be hot, and drink slowly. I won't claim that it's a great and tasty drink :-) However, you can get used to the taste of young barley. It has a distinctly grassy taste and smell, and it can be disgusting to some people for the first time, which I can confirm. If some people can't drink it as a drink, they can try barley in tablet form.


        As for the duration of use, a minimum of 2 to 3 months is recommended so that the beneficial effects of young barley can be manifested. Although many people report that, for example, they felt a significant surge of energy right from the start of consumption, however, to manifest most of the beneficial effects, longer-term consumption of this great drink is required. I'm getting incredible responses to this drink.


        Young barley has no side effects, so it can be consumed for a long time. Especially at the beginning, some people may experience problems caused by the fact that the body is being cleaned as I mentioned before. These symptoms usually disappear very quickly. But if they are bothersome, it is recommended to significantly reduce the doses and increase them gradually so that the body can adapt. Only in a few cases is it necessary to exclude barley completely due to a food allergy.

        Even people with celiac disease or diabetics do not have to worry about drinking green barley, because it does not contain gluten.

        However, there is a group of people for whom drinking barley is not recommended. Green foods are not recommended, for example, after organ transplantation, autoimmune diseases, or radiation.


        If you decide on green food, you need to consider which product you will import. There are many different products on the market. Some are known for their quality, others cannot compete with these products due to their processing or raw materials and may be of lower quality. One of the TOP products is, for example, Barley GW, or barley from Bio Organic Food.


        You can check also Barley in Tablets form.

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