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        Puyanawa (Murici & Pixuri) Rapé

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        Restore balance, cleanse, well-being.

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        Weight: 7 g

        Tribe: PUYANAWA

        Made: November

        This Rapé was blended with a herb called Pixuri (Licaria puchury) and Murici ashes. Pixuri is a traditional medicine of the Puyanawa people and they use it a lot in their Rapé. It has a delicious scent giving a special flavour to the medicine. For Rapé they use the leaves from the Pixuri tree. The seeds have culinary use because of their particular flavour. Apart from its particular flavour it is a medicinal plant they use to combat headaches and in herbal baths for spiritual cleansing. It is used in the indigenous tradition and also in the Afro Brazilian religions where they work a lot with baths for cleansing, attracting good things and expulsion the bad.


        Pixuri tree

        Licaria puchury goes by the names of Pixuri, Puxuri or Apuxuri. In English the seeds are known as Brazilian Nutmeg. The leaves have a more minty and refreshing scent then the seeds that are truly more nutmeg like in taste. It has a variety of medicinal effects, many of which are similar to those of real nutmeg.

        The leaves are antiseptic and ant- inflammatory and antibacterial. These are qualities that are beneficial in Rapé Snuff for helping to keep the respiratory system healthy. It is aid to augment Libido and as such is a sexual stimulant. Like nutmeg they say it creates happiness when ingested in large enough doses, but all little bits help.


        Pixuri Tree


        The Puyanawa tribe

        The Puyanawa or Poyanawa tribe lives in their tribal lands in the municipality Mancio Lima close to the Peruvian border. Like all the Pano tribes of the region they suffered heavily during the rubber boom and are now in a process to bring back their traditions and medicines while living in harmony with our modern world. They are locally famous for their beautiful handicrafts although internationally not so much. They are getting more and more on the map for their Sacred Rapeh Snuffs.

        Puyanawa festival



        This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is supplied without express or implied fitness for a particular purpose. Use and enjoyment of this product is at the discretion, responsibility and risk of the customer. The information provided is purely for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as recommendations for specific use.